Utilities and Services in Bharuch

The government of India is providing all the basic utilities and services to mostly all the towns and cities. Bharuch is a big town and has the provision of all the utilities and services required to fulfill your daily requirements. Following are the services available in the city Bharuch

Cremation Grounds in Bharuch

Death of your nearby will leave you torn apart. But the soul has to est in peace by performing the right cremation ceremony. There are few cremation grounds in Bharuch and they are as follows

Address: Main By Pass Road,
Narmada Nagar,

Dugari Kabristan
Address: Dugar Badsahpur Main Road,

Address: Jambusar Road,

Bhajjuwala Kabristan
Address: Bhajjuwala society
Bharuch, Gujarat

Mansuri Kabristan
Address: Katopor Bazar

Marriage Bureaus in Bharuch

Marriage is one of the very precious moments of your life. And what if you can get married lawfully with so much ease. Bharuch has a lot of Marriage Bureaus to help you figure out your perfect partner. Following are some of the matrimonies in Bharuch.

Astro Marriage

Phone: +(91)-2642-249787, +(91)-9998975302
Address: A/16, Anand Apartment,
Near Gnfc Township,
Swastik Society Road,
Bharuch - 392001

Mere Jivan Saathi.com
Phone: +(91)-9925288916
Address: Mohmad Pura,
Bharuch - 392001


Phone: +(91)-2642-227899, 329803
Address: 1, Pritam Society,
Near SBI Bank,
Kasak Fuvara,
Zadeshwar Road
Bharuch - 392011

Shubh Mangalam Marriage Bureau
Phone: + 91 - 2642 - 269321
Address: 10-1st Flr, Shiv Cplx, Modi Compound,

Driving Classes in Bharuch

Driving has become a necessity for everyone in order to travel. These driving classes provide you the best coaching to drive.They also help you to get a licence.

Driving Classes in Bharuch

Driving classes in Bharuch are as follows:

Bhola Motor Driving
Phone: +(91)-2642-264337
Address: Opposite Rang Upavan,
Bharuch - 392001

Patrawala Motor Driving Training School
Phone: +(91)-2642-268011, +(91)-9427584411
Address: Patel Super Market,
Station Road,
Bharuch - 392001

Krishna Motor Driving School
Phone: +(91)-2642-226349
Address: 9, Shree Niketan Residential Plaza,
Maktampur, Main Road,
Bharuch - 392001

Famous Motor Driving Training School
Phone: +(91)-2642-260412
Address: 197, Station Road,
Bharuch - 392001

Raviratana Motors Pvt Ltd
Phone: +(91)-2641-651333, +(91)-9687691066 | .
Address: 8-11, Aastha Complex,
Dahej By Pass Road,
Opp Ipcl Colony (Yamuna),
Bharuch - 392130

Gandhi Auto Adviser
Phone: + 91 - 2642 - 232968
Address: Nev Nirman Shoop Centre,

Telecom and Broadband Service Providers in Bharuch

Internet has become a very important aspect as today's generation believes in researching everything at their finger tips. Bharuch also has few broadband and telecom service providers in Bharuch which can be explored on the page Telecom and Broadband Service Providers in Bharuch.

Telecom and Broadband Providers in Bharuch

Post Offices in Bharuch

Even today some people prefer working the older ways. Inspite of courier service eruption, post offices hasnt lost its charm. You can still find post offices in each and every town and village. Bharuch also has few post offices which can be explored on the page Post Office in Bharuch.

Banks and their Branches in Bharuch

Banks have become a very important part as they help in all types of monetary transactions. Bharuch being a town has almost all the banks within city limits including Nationalised Banks, Private Banks, Co Operative banks and Rural Regional Banks. They have many branches located within city limits and can be explored on the page Banks in Bharuch.

Real Estate and List of Property Dealers

Bharuch is a growing city and the real estate business is doing extremely well in the city due to demand of land. There are a number of property dealers in Bharuch and if you are looking to buy a property in Bharuch, the page, List of Real Estate Agents in Bharuch on the site will help you.

Real Estate Agents in Bharuch

Courier Services in Bharuch

Courier services are racing their way ahead as they are more reliable and speedy. Also it is possible to track your parcel and get notification on its deliverance. With so many benefits, people are now blindly relying on these courier services for deliverance. Some of the courier service providers in Bharuch are listed on the page Courier Service in Bharuch.

Packers and Movers in Bharuch

Packers and Movers in Bharuch
Shifting your house used to be a headache before, but not anymore. You have packers and movers to help you move almost everything from you old house to new house without it getting damaged. You just have to give them the contract and relax, they will shift everything from a refrigerator to Television set to a bed with so much ease.List of Packers and Movers in Bharuch can be explored on the page Packers and Movers in Bharuch.

Gas Connections in Bharuch

One of the basic necessity to live is food and you cannot cook food without cooking gas. Gas connections in Bharuch is provided by HP, Indane and Bharat Gas. They have various agencies set up over entire Bharuch. They can be explored on the page Gas Connections in Bharuch.

Florist in Bharuch

Flowers and chocolates are two things that'l melt your heart anyday. Be it any occasion such as birthdays, marriages or any other celebrations, flowers are given as a gift. Bharuch has florist shops which are as follows

Florist in Bharuch

Jay Ambe Flower House
Phone no: +(91)-2642-241997
Address: Lallubhai Chakla,
Opposite Dena Bank,
Bharuch - 392001

Rami Plus
Phone no: +(91)-9824014229
Address: Hajika Bazaar,
Bharuch - 392001

Phone no: +(91)-9871888344, 9350299802 |
Address: Opp Masjid,
Hajikhana Bazar,
Bharuch - 392001

Ashirwad Flower Mart
Phone no: +(91)-2644-243710
Address: Ashirwad Flower Mart,
Near Masjid,
Hazika Bazar,

Dipak Kumar Rami Florist
Phone no: +(91)-2642-220486
Address: Jambusar
Bharuch - 392000

Jayantibhai Rami Florist
Phone no: +(91)-2642-222308
Address: Bharuch

Phone no: Station Rd,
Address: Moficer Jin Compound,
Bharuch 392001

Laundry in Bharuch

You are going for a presentation daily and dont have the time to wash your clothes. Thats when laundry services come to your rescue. Bharuch also has laundry service providers and they are as follows:

NavDurga Drycleaning
Phone no: +(91)-2642-267984
Address: Soneri Mahal,
Bharuch - 392001

Vaishali Laundary
Phone no: 02642 - 323250
Address: Borbhatha Road,
No. 3, Shreenath Shoppins Centre,
Bharuch - 393001

Mobile Service Centers In Bharuch

Number of people using mobile is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to own a phone. If your mobile has any problem, then these mobile service centers help you in fixing it up. Bharuch has many mobile centers and they can be explored on the page Mobile Service Centers in Bharuch.

Petrol Pumps in Bharuch

The rates of petrol are increasing day by day, inspite of that there is no reduction in its demand. People are still queuing up at petrol pumps with their cars and autorickshaws. Bharuch has many petrol pumps within the city which can be explored on the page Petrol Pumps in Bharuch.

Wedding Banquet Halls in Bharuch

Indian weddings are meant to be lavish. With so many people gathering for your wedding, you need good banquet halls to make your celebrations look perfect. Bharuch has few Bnaquet halls which can be explored on the page Wedding Banquet Halls in Bharuch.

Event Management Companies in Bharuch

Nowadays, marketing has become an important part of each and every business . And to promote their business, all the corporates are arranging for events and thats when event management companies come into the picture. You want your events to be perfect, just hire these event management companies and they will do a pretty good job. Bharuch being an industrial hub of Gujarat homes a lot of big corporates. Event management companies in Bharuch are as follows:

Event Management Companies in Bharuch

Entertainment Sportz
Phone no: +(91)-2646-221387, +(91)-9925044514
Address: A 301 Akshardeep Apartment,
Near New Colony,
Ankleshwar Gidc,

R K Event Managment
Phone no: +(91)-2643-220753, +(91)-8401128080 |
Address: Red Complex, Kopdra,
Valia road,
Bharuch - 393135

Hostels in Bharuch

Parents want the best for their children especially when it comes to education. Bharuch offers some good courses and is a attraction for students staying around Bharuch. They come to Bharuch especially for these courses. Thats when the need for Hostels arises. Bharuch has few hostels and they are as follows

Shri S'ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology,
Phone no: 02642- 245864
College Campus,
Old National Highway No. - 8,
Gujarat (India).

Virtual Homes
Phone no: +(91)-2642-245279, +(91)-9925367771
Address: Behind Svmit College,
College Campus,
College Road,
Bharuch - 392001

S V M Girl's Hostel
Phone no: +(91)-2642-245085, +(91)-9426878731
Address: Behind J P Arts And Science College,
College Campus,
College Road,
Bharuch - 392001

Hostel Ground
Address: Moficer Jin Compound,
Gujarat 392001

Trainee Hostel
Address: GNFC Township,
Bharuch, 392015

Guj Rajput Hit Vardhak Mandal
Phone no: 02642 267 049
Hostel Ground,
Opposite Sevashram,
Bharuch Bypass Rd,
Bharuch 392001

Photography Classes and Studios in Bharuch

Taking pictures and learning the art of it has become a passion for this younger generation. They all want to learn about photography. Bharuch offers few photography classes which are as follows:

Vatsalya Studio
Phone no: +91 98250 90633, +91 99250 22956
Address: 76,77 first Floor, Shri Rang Palace,
Nr.INOX multiplex, Zadeshwar Road,
Bharuch. 392001

Also,if you need to get your passport size pictures clicked or need to develop your soft copy pictures, Bharuch offers photo studios and they can be explored on the page Photo Studios in Bharuch.

Pet Shops in Bharuch

Pets have now become a part of your family. You want everything perfect for them be it their food or their shampoo. Bharuch has few pet shops and they are as follows

Rozy Aquarium
Phone no: +(91)-9998969782, 8511107159
Address: G-5, Akshar Avenue,
Near Shambhu Dairy,
Link Road,
Bharuch - 392001

The Pet Store
Phone no: +(91)-7567555014
Address: Shop No 2 Hari Har Complex,
Opposite Pushpakunj Society,
Zadeshwar Road,
Bharuch - 392001

Public Libraries in Bharuch

Libraries are the institution of knowledge. Bharuch has few libraries within city limits out of which K J choksi is a very prominent and big library available for public use. Following are the libraries in Bharuch:

K J Choksi Public Library
Phone no: 02642 - 260888
Address: Opp: District Collector Office,
Near District Industrial Center.

Sarkari Zila Pustkalay
Address: Link Road,

Bharuch Government District Library
Phone no: +(91)-2642-250727
Address: Dist. Education Office,
Nr Rajput Chhatralay,
Hostel Ground,
Bharuch - 392001

Valiya Government Taluka Library
Phone no: +(91)-2643-270245
Address: Old Taluka Panchayat Hospital Building,
Near Bus Station,
Bharuch - 393135

Amod Government Taluka Library
Phone no: +(91)-2641-245585
Address: Near Main Bazar,
Bharuch - 392110

Currency Exchange in Bharuch

Need to exchange your currency in Bharuch? Here's a list of Currency Exchangers in Bharuch which can be explored on the page Currency Exchange in Bharuch.

Catering in Bharuch

Food is a very important aspect when you think of a wedding or any other function. You want your guest to have the best food. Bharuch offers some good caterers and the list can be explored on the page
Caterers in Bharuch

All the above criterias mentioned shows Bharuch is no where below par with any other city. All the above services can be enjoyed in Bharuch and makes it a better place to live in.
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