One Day Trip In Bharuch

If you a tourist and just have one day in your hand to look at this historical city, then this article will help you in viewing some important places in Bharuch. Bharuch located on the banks of Narmada, has many historical places to see like Bharuch fort, Jama masjid, Golden bridge etc.

If you are a tourist, it is must to relish on Bharuch cuisine such as "Ghari" which is a type of sweet, Malai Ghari, Khichu, Undhiyu, Khaman, Nylon Khaman, Phaphada and Jalebi.

One day Trip in Bharuch

If you are traveling during winters, you will be able to eat Ponk, which is a roasted cereal. Bharuch is very popular for its Roasted salty peanuts. Make sure you pack a few in your bags to munch while you are traveling. Hotel Corona, Hotel Shree plaza and Hotel Harmingla Central are few of the good places to have your breakfast. Let's begin our journey now:

Destination 1- Bharuch Fort in Bharuch

This fort was built by Siddhraj Jaysinh during  1791 AD. The fort's architecture and carvings will leave you amazed. You can also have a view of the Narmada river from this fort which is one of the important rivers of  India.

Destination 2 -  Jama Masjid in Bharuch

One day Trip in Bharuch

Jama Masjid is situated at the base where Bharuch fort is. Thus tourist will save time on traveling . This masjid has fort like architecture  due to which it is mostly assumed to be a fort.

Destination 3 - Bhrigu Rishi Temple in Bharuch

This temple is so important for Bharuch because it is due to this temple that Bharuch has got its name. This temple is located in Dandia bazaar area of Bharuch and the temple after renovation has become even better. This temple is a dedication to the famous Maharishi Bhrigu.

Destination 4-  Golden Bridge in Bharuch

One day Trip in Bharuch

If you are in Bharuch town, then this golden bridge connecting Bharuch and Ankleshwar is a must see. This bridge is made by the britishers in 18th century and the special mention of the rugged resistant and rare steel used to build this bridge which makes it different from other bridges.

Destination 5 - Raichand Deepchand Library in Bharuch

Raichand Deepchand Library which happens to be one of the oldest libraries of Gujarat was established in 1858.This library has myriad of books with  assemblage of around 200,000 books. Keshavbhai Gohil is taking care of all the activities at the library.

Bharuch Hall exists over the library, which is a worth visiting for tourists. It serves as the best source for people providing help in their research as books related to various professional and literary fields are available. Also, it has some rare manuscripts that explain the significance of Bharuch city along with Gujarati culture and traditions.

Destination 6- J.B Modi Park in Bharuch

J. B. Modi Park is one of the few parks of Bharuch. It is located in Shaktinath area of Bharuch city and  is visited by  a number of people to get some fresh air in the city.

Destination 7 - Valanda Kothi in Bharuch

Valanda Kothi, a Dutch factory, which used to function to its fullest prior to  the British rule. It was transformed into a union high school to serve the educational purposes of the local children in Bharuch. The attraction is currently in a battered condition because of lack of maintenance from the civic authorities but an old sundial on the premises is still intact and serves as one of the timekeepers of Bharuch.

Destination 8 - Katopor Bazaar in Bharuch

Any trip is incomplete without shopping. So after taking a look around the city , you can shop in Katopor bazaar located centrally in Bharuch. This bazaar is highly popular amongst the localities due to the availability of cheap and good quality clothes. Some good local handicrafts are also available in the market.

Though one day isn't enough for Bharuch, you can make up for your visit in the city by the following this itinerary. It covers almost all priority tourist spots in Bharuch. | | |

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