Administration in Bharuch

The maintenance and growth of a city depends on its administration and its administrators. It is very essential to have a very transparent system for a city to flourish. Bharuch has been administered by Bharuch Nagar Palika which has been taking care of the roads, Infrastructure, water supply, power supply, sanitation etc. Bharuch in Gujarat has been a BJP strong hold district with the party winning from 20 years. The MP’s of this party are doing a good job since so many years.

Bharuch Nagar Palika

Bharuch Nagar Seva Sadan or Bharuch Nagar Palika has been administering  Bharuch (administrative headquarters of Bharuch District) since its inception.  Bharuch Nagar Palika was formed on 06/07/1915 . It is responsible for proper water and power supply to the people of the city. It also takes care of the sanitation facilities, cleanliness in the city, maintenance of road, street lights, plantations etc.

Bharuch Nagar Palika consists of  14 election wards and 42 seats for  corporators. Since past 20 years, Bharuch Vidhan Sabha, Bharuch Lok sabha nd Bharuch Nagar Palika election have been won by BJP. Sanat Rana of  Bharatiya Janata Party is the present Mayor of this city. A municipal Co- operation will soon be formed for this city as well.

Bharuch Lok Sabha Constituency

Gujarat  has Bharuch Lok Sabha  constituency as one of its 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state.This constituency consists of seven assembly segments which are as follows:
  • Ankleshwar
  • Jhagadia
  • Karjan
  • Jambusar
  • Vagra
  • Bharuch
  • Dediapada

The constituency works in a way where a Village can elect one member to the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha while  the district has the right to elect one member to the Lok Sabha. 

Bharuch Courts

It is very essential to have a proper judiciary system for good administration. Bharuch has District court, Civil Courts, Labour court, Taluka Court, Consumer court in order to maintain law and order in the city. The court in Bharuch are described below

District Courts in Bharuch

Every state has been allocated with district courts depending on the population and cases of that particular district. Justice is administered by this court at a district level. Bharuch district court is under administrative control of Ahemdabad High Court. The district court is headed over by one District Judge. This district judge is appointed by the state Government. There are other Additional District Judges and Assistant District Judges to share  the workload.

Administration in Bharuch

District & Sessions Court
District Court Complex,
Near Collector Officer, Kanbiwaga,
District Court,

Ph.No. (02642) 240800 FAX : (02642) 241502
Computer Center : (02642) 242674

Taluka court in Bharuch

Taluka courts are a level  below in hierarchy of district courts. They handle problems at the taluka level. Bharuch has seven taluka courts which  are located at  Ankleshwar, Amod, Hansot,Jambusar, Jhagadia, Valia, Vagra. The judges in the respective taluka courts are as follows

Civil Courts in Bharuch

Civil courts are responsible for redressing any civil wrongs which includes minor omissions , Disputes relating to property, wrongs committed in money transactions, breach of contracts etc . The aggrieved persons should file a case in this court and justice is administered by considering the nature of the wrong committed. Justice is generally brought by payment of damages or compensation to the aggrieved party or by granting injunctions or. However if the value of the subject matter is one lakh or less than that, then the case should be filed in a lower jurisdiction also known as Munsiff's Court.

Consumer Court in Bharuch

Consumr courts deal with consumer disputes and grievances. Its main priority is to control the fair practices to consumers by the sellers. It is essential for the consumer tohave proof of exploitation, i.e., bills or other documents, only then a consumer court can help them. Bharuch has a consumer court redressing consumer concerns, the address of which is given below.

Administration in Bharuch

Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum Bharuch,
Address: Office No. 132, 1st Floor,
Poonam Plaza Building,
Nr. Relief Cinema,
Mail id: [email protected]
Phone no: 0264-2251604

Labour Court in Bharuch

Labour court redresses labor and employment related matters and disputes. These courts sought to ensure a high degree of protection for workers anf their rights. Bharuch has a labor court to address labor issues.

Jail in Bhrauch

Bharuch has a sub jail located at Mohamedpura in Bharuch. It has a capacity of around 205 inmates and currently has 227 inmates in the jail. There are various religious programmes conducted in jail including Dawate Islami Hind. Also inmates now have seminars conducted for meditation and yoga,  facilities to read books in library and their educational need are also taken care of by the government. The address of the sub jail in Bharuch is as follows

Sub Jail
Address: Bhajjuwala society,
Bharuch  392001

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