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Bhrigu Rishi Temple

Bharuch is a place that has many religious shrines and temples. Of all the temples the Bhrigu Rishi temple is considered the most significant. This temple, being a tourist attraction is visited by a number of pilgrims and it has great religious importance to the people of Bharuch. Bharuch which was originally called 'Bhrigukachchha' derived its name from this temple.

Bhrigu Rishi temple

Overview of Bhrigu Rishi Temple

This temple is located in Dandia Bazaar. The carvings  in the temple are splendid and will leave you astonished. This  temple was constructed during the period of 1675 AD and 1686 AD  by the Marathas. Maharishi Bhrigu belonged to the group of seven seers or what we call the Sapta Rishi Mandal as per the mythology of India. . He is one of the Prajapatis and  his sons name are Shukracharya, Jmadagni maharshi and Chavana maharshi .He was the grandfather of Parasurama.  He is son of Lord Brahma, a devotee of Lord Shiva and father of Lakshmi mata.

This temple was built in honour of him who was able to attain sainthood by having the perfect equity between wisdom and activity. This is the place where Bhrigu maharishi narrated Ganesha purana to Somakanta maharaj and  also  performed tapa for 14 years around 2500 years ago. Such was his greatness that Lord Krishna in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta says, "among greatest of great sages I am Bhrigu".

Mapping of Bhrigu Rishi Temple

Bhrigu Rushi temple is a small temple and was recently renovated. The temple was divided into two parts. In first part, Parasurama, Bhrigu rishi, Lord Ganesh, Renuka mata and  Jamadagni maharishi idols are entrenched. These idols are newly carved idols. In Second part, which is the main part of the temple, Lord Narayana idol, Four vedas in the form of Shiva lingas and some other idols of Dashavataras are ingrained. Also Jwaleshwar mahadev, who was worshiped by Bhrigu maharishi finds a special place in this temple with Ganesh, Hanuman, Lakshmi Mata, Lord Narayan and Vallabhacharya present in the same room. Lord Saniswara is present in the center of outside campus.

Bhrigu Rishi and his Work

Bhrigu Rishi also  wrote his first Indian Astrological work, Bhrigu Sanhita in this place . Maharshi Bhrigu is the originator of predictive astrology. He is said to have documented five million horoscopes in which the destiny and fate of every individual is written.. He composed about 500,000 horoscopes and recorded the predictions of many people. The Horoscope was based on the planetary positions of the Sun, Moon and the planets. On the basis of these records and further studies, horoscope came into existence. Today's horoscope predictions finds its roots in the Bhrigu Sanhita.

More than 40 million horoscopes can be made from these database. Eleven Chapters In human life according to Bhrigu Samhita are

Kundli Khand gives information about Horoscope
Phabit Khand gives information about Forecast
Jarah Par Haran gives information about Previous life
Tathalin Bhrig Prashan gives information about Questions of Bhrugu
Nasht Janmong Deepiha gives information about Index to lost Horoscope
Sa Rivarisht Nivaran Khand gives information about Human Problems Remedy
Raj Khand gives information about Pertaining to The Rule
Santan Upaya Khand gives information about Getting children
Narpati Jaya Charya Khand gives information about King's Victory and duties
Istri Phabit Khand gives information about Women Nature

However the original Bhrigu Sanhita was lost during the attack on India by the northwest muslim rulers in the 12th and 13th centuries. The Muslim rulers also destructed the University Library where Maharashi Bhrigu's thousands of horoscopes were stocked. Nonetheless a small section of records of Bhrigu Sanhita remained with the Brahmin community which is available today  with the Brahmins in several parts of India. Different astrologers then published various editions of Bhrigu Sanhita in the name Maharshi Bhrigu.

Accommodation around Bhrigu Rishi Temple

The temple has lot many small-time lodges and accommodations available around it. However, even a stay in luxury hotels will be economical as these hotels offer  good amenities at economical rates and has good hospitality standards.

Reaching Bhrigu Rishi Temple in Bharuch

Address: Bhrigu Rishi Temple
Katopor Bazar, Bharuch
Gujarat 392001, India

Devotees can take up local buses or rent metered taxis which will cost basic fares to reach Bhrigu Temple from Bharuch bus stand and railway station. The government of Gujarat has also availed the facility of  GSRTC buses at regular intervals to and from the temple. There is also provision for direct buses from Vadodara and Ankleshwar.

Important Telephone Numbers and Website Details:

Address: Tourist Information Bureau
Jilla Udyog Kendra, Opp: Collector Office, Bharuch
Phone no: 
+91 9727723950
E-Mail: ps2md-tcgl@gujarat.gov.in, ps2jtmd-tcgl@gujarat.gov.in.

Bhrigu Rishi Temple has all the facilities one can avail to a devotee. Thus, no one will go disappointed from this religious shrine of Bharuch.

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