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Art and Craft in Bharuch

The art and craft of Bharuch shows the amazing talent of people here. They create wonderful patterns on fabrics through tying and dying, beads and printing. The exquisite work displayed by them is liked by all who visit here. The artifacts made by them are sought after and bought by people. Read on to know more about the art and craft of Bharuch.

Hand-Woven Textiles in Bharuch

As the name suggests, hand woven textiles are made by weaving with hands.In this art, weaving involves two threads placed at right angles to form the textile.There are various forms of hand woven textiles, however Bharuch specialise in few of them and they are as follows:


Sujani is a quilts which is woven doubly with cotton fabrics and it is brimmed with cotton in between the two layers . It is one of the best quilts made in Gujarat. Bharuch is the only center in Gujrat where this craft is still being practiced. This hand woven textile is created by two weavers sitting on either side of the loom and partake in this scrupulous craft form.

Culture of Bharuch

The Sujani blankets are known for their long lasting endurance and warmth created by the filled cotton. The history of the craft goes back to the 1860s and it is believed that a localite from Bharuch mastered this craft form in Andaman jail from a fellow Assamese convict. He then came back to bharuch and trained the fellow villagers. Nowadays the technique of fabricating Sujani is used not only for making quilts but a variety range of fashionable items.

Tie-Dye Bandhani

Hand Woven Textiles in Bharuch

Bandani is the style of fabric in which the fabric has tiny square shaped dots with crumpled crease of fabric and is dyed with eloquent lively and dramatic colors. This art of bandhani or captivates all the attention and recognition. The different patterns are created by the distinctive technique of Bandhani or Bandhej which includes making birds or trees, floral or abstract, figures or animals, circles or zigzags.

The name Bandhani, has its derivation from the Sanskrit name Bandhana or Bandha. The name refers to both, the technique and the end-product which is created by the laborious process of tying of the fabric which is done before dyeing the fabric. In this process of tying, the part of the fabric that is tied remains undyed while remaining fabric is dyed. Thus, the dotted outlines are made by the undyed part of the fabric.

Beads Embroidery

Bead embroidery is a beadwork which takes place with the help of needle and thread. In this beadwork, beads are stitched to a surface of leather, fabric or suede.

Handicrafts of Bharuch

Bead embroidery is an ornamentation that generally is not a part of the textile. .

Other arts popular in Bharuch includes:
  • Metal Crafts
  • Beads Flair
  • Beads Braiding
  • Wooden Treasure
  • Cane and Bamboo Style

Art Gallery in Bharuch

Various art-forms in Bharuch are given recognition through the display in the following gallery:

The Mahesh Art Printery
Phone no: 02646 223 327
Plot # 502/3,
GIDC Estate,
National Highway 8,
Ankleshwar GIDC,
Bharuch 393001

Handicrafts of Bharuch

Handicrafts are pieces of handmade works of art that are practically used everyday. These items are made all around the world; however, they are a specialty in India. Natural materials are used to make handicraft items including textiles,wood, clay and paper. It is highly time consuming and efforts are used in creating highly desired handicrafts. A very high level of craftsmanship is required to make such items.

These crafts can be bought in Bharuch in high volume department stores, from street vendors, and in shops that specialize in handmade items. Gujarat State Handloom & Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd., (GSHHDC), which is an undertaking by its state Government and was established in 1973 with the main purpose of recognition, resurgence and development of handicrafts and handlooms of Gujarat. With the help of GSHHDC, it has been possible to improvise on the handloom and handicraft products. As a result, now there is a steady process of giving design inputs to make the products have more utility value and which is also suitable for modern life style without changing the conventional values of craftsmanship.

Handicraft and Handloom Galleries in Bharuch

Bharuch has many handicraft and handloom galleries, mentioned as under:

Gujarat Emporium
Phone no: 02642 - 243409
Address: D4, Patel Super Market,
Bharuch 392001

Hari Om Handloom House
Phone no: 02642 - 244171
Address: Super Complex,
Near Shradha Hospital,
Bharuch 393001

Mittal Textiles
Phone no: 02642 - 256625
Address: Opp. Aaddarsh School,
Bharuch- 393001

Sona Handloom
Phone no: 02642 - 238610
Address: B/F/5, Sardar Park-2,
Near Swaminarayan School,
GIDC, Ankleshwar,
Bharuch- 393002

Agarwal Handloom
Phone no: 02642 - 258542
Address: Station Road,
Opp Teen Rasta,
Bharuch - 393001

Bharuch is definitely very rich in culture that depicts its valuable art and talent that is praised worldwide!

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